Dried Treats;

Beef Bark with Hair-£3.50

Beef Cartilage-£2.99

Beef Lips-£1.50

Beef Snout(No Hair and Hair)-£1.50

Beef Tails-£0.99

Beef Tendon-£1.50

Bulls Balls-£1.30

Cows Ears(Hairy and Puffed)-£1.50

Cows Horn-£2.99

Dried Hooves-£0.99

Dried Meat Pieces-£4.50

Fish Skin Cubes 200g-£4.50

Fish Skin-£1.00

Hairy Goat Ears-£0.90

Hollings Chicken Hearts-£1.85

Hollings Dried Sprats-£2.99

Hollings Liver Sausages-£2.00

Hollings Natural Liver-£1.75

Hollings Meat Strips-£2.99mm

Hollings Real Meat Treats-£3.25

Hollings Sausages-£1.70

Hollings Training Treats-£2.39

JR Pate(flavours vary)-£3.99

JR Pure Sticks(flavours vary)-£2.99

Lamb Ears 4 Pack-£2.50

Lamb Horn-£3.99

Large Batons Chicken or Beef-£1.99
Meat Strips(flavours vary)-£0.50

Ostrich Bone-£9.99


Pic n Mix(10)-£2.50

Pigs in Blanket Large-£1.60

Pigs in Blanket Small-£0.60

Pigs Ears-£1.25

Pig Ear Strips Bag-£7.49

Pig Tail-£1.00

Pizzle Small-£1.99

Pizzle Large-£9.99

Pointer Tripe Sticks-£0.60

Pork Rind Large-£3.50

Pork Rind Small-£0.99

Puffed Chicken Feet-£0.40

Puffed Snout-£0.90

Rabbit Ears-£0.60

Rabbit Ears Craft Bag-£2.99

Rabbit Ears Large Bag-£23.99

Rabbit Skin-£9.99

Trachea Large-£2.50

Trachea Small-£1.50

True Instinct Meat Bits(flavours vary)-£0.99

Turkey Feet Single-£1.99

Turkey Neck Single-£2.49

Whimzee Rice Bone-£1.10

Whimzee Stix-£1.20

Whimzee Toothbrush-£1.50

Venison Hooves Small-£1.99

Anco Dried Treats:

Bully Chewies-£4.19

Bully Jerky-£2.29

Bully Tripe-£3.19

Chicken iN Chips-£2.19

Chicken Feet-£1.99

Chicken Necks-£3.59

Chicken Wings-£3.39

Cod Skin Rolls-£3.99

Dried Herring-£3.99

Duck Feet-£2.79

Duck Necks-£3.69

Fusion Treat Bags(flavours vary)-£2.99

Giant Bully Stick-£2.99

Giant Bully Tripe Stick-£1.99

Giant Camel Stick-£3.99

Giant Deer Leg-£4.49

Giant Deer Sticks-£2.49

Giant Goat Stick-£1.99

Giant Wild Boar Stick-£2.49

Porky Bites-£3.39

Trainer Treat Bags(flavours vary)-£2.99

Turkey Feet(Bag)-£4.29

Turkey Necks(Bag)-£4.29

Salmon Skin Cubes-£3.29