The Raw Factory Minces - 1KG:

Complete Minces:

Chicken, Beef and Offal(CBO)-£2.80

Chicken Complete-£2.75

Chicken, Salmon and Offal(CSO)-£2.80

Chicken, Tripe and Offal(CTO)-£2.80

Duck, Beef and Offal(DBO)-£2.90

Duck, Lamb and Offal(DLO)-£2.90

Duck, Pork and Offal(DPO)-£2.90

Duck, Tripe and Offal(DTO)-£2.90

Turkey Complete-£3.20

Turkey, Beef and Offal(TBO)-£2.90

Turkey, Lamb and Offal(TLO)-£2.90

Complimentary Minces:

Beef and Heart-£2.65

Beef and Kidney-£2.65

Beef and Liver-£2.65

Beef and Tripe-£2.65

Chicken and Lamb-£2.40

Chicken and Liver-£2.45

Chicken and Salmon-£2.65

Chicken and Tripe-£2.65

Duck and Beef-£2.75

Duck and Salmon-£2.75

Eco Beef-£2.90

Eco Duck-£2.80

Eco Lamb-£2.90


Goose and Tripe-£2.70

Lamb and Tripe-£2.70


Ox Tripe-£2.65


Pork and Tripe-£2.65

Tripe and Salmon-£2.75

Turkey and Beef-£2.75

Turkey and Tripe-£2.80


Venison and Duck-£4.30

All stock subject to availability. 

MVM Minces:

Due to limited stock at with supplier.


Please ring the shop to find out what flavours we have in stock currently.