Pet Remedy:

All in One Calming Kit-£36.00

Calming Atomiser-£48.00

Calming Atomiser Refill-£22.00

Calming Plug in Diffuser-£21.00

Calming Plug in Refill x 2-£21.00

Calming Spray 15ml-£6.50

Calming Spray 200ml-£18.50

Pet Remedy Tin-£10.00




-Dogs Body

-Derma Dog

-Flea & Tick

-Fox Poo

-Hair of the Dog

-Puppy Love

-Top Dog

-True Colours

-White Wash

Mists and Sprays-£5.50


-Cloud K9 Body Mist

-Heaven Scent Body Mist

-Star Pups Body Mist

-Dirty Dawg No Rinse Shampoo

-Knot Sure De-tangle Spray

-Paws and Relax Aromatherapy

-Puppy Fresh Deodorising Spray

-Mucky Pup No Rinse Shampoo

-Stink Bomb Deodorising Spray

Perfect Puppy Spritz-£2.99

Dapper Dog Spritz-£2.99


Cod Liver Oil Capsules x100-£7.70

Cod Liver Oil Capsules x200-£12.50

Digestive x100-£8.10

Easy Green 250g-£12.30

Evening Primrose 30ml-£7.30

Evening Primrose x100-£8.50

Garlic & Fenugreek x100-£9.70

Garlic & Fenugreek x500-£35.90

Gloucosimine & Chondroitin x100-£19.90

Gloucosinine & Chondroitin x200-£35.99

Green Releaf x100-£9.70

Green Releaf x200-£16.90

Keepers Mix 250g-£13.90

Keepers Mix 500g-£24.90

Kelp Seaweed 250g-£9.50

Kelp Seaweed 500g-£16.30

Milk Thistle x200-£26.00

Omega Star-£19.99

Raspberry Leaf x100-£9.70

Scullcap & Valerin x100-£10.20

Scullcap & Valerin x200-£17.99

Tree Bark Powder 100g-£10.90

Tumeric Tablets x100-£19.90

Tumeric Tablets x200-£35.70

Other Supplements:

Apple Cider Vinegar 1L-£5.99

Apple Cider Vinegar 2.5L-£13.99

Barf Boost 500g-£10.99

Broadreach Probiotics 15ml-£12.99

Broadreach Probiotics 30ml-£16.40

Broadreach Probiotics 60ml-£21.99

Coconut Oil-£10.99

DE Powder 500g-£6.50

Hollings Meat and Bone Meal 4KG-£12.99

Golden Paste 200g-£6.99

Salmon Oil 500ml-£12.99

SmartBarf Vegetable-£12.95

Stinky Stuff:

Original Rub & Sooth Pack-£21.95

Stinky Stuff Ear Drops-£14.99

Non Stinky Stuff 250ml-£25.99

Non Stinky Stuff 250ml Pack-£32.99